Ciclo Circular Cutter, suitable for cutting flat gaskets, the easiest way to produce a gasket.
Pack-Boy, Packing cross section and packing length relationship as well as parallel-cut packing ends are the basic criteria of packing rings being cut by the Pack-Boy calibrating and cutting tool.
Manual Packing Cutter, for the fas solution on location, adjustable for 45° and 90° cuts
Pack-Maid, Packing Tool, considerably facilitates the removal of worn-out stuffing box packings of pumps, agitators, valves etc. - thus, and should be used in every repair- and maintenance facility.
Bruno-Tool, a packing extractor with the proper design to get you into the most difficult areas
Hook-Puller, this new tool has ben designed to work with your standard flexible or rigid shaft corkscrew packing extractors and can be operated with one hand.
Tamping-Tool, for the best results when packing a stuffing box, each packing ring should be tamped firmly into place to insure a seal to the shaft and the walls of the stuffing box.